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Doctor Web protects personal data

Since 1992, the Dr.Web anti-virus has been protecting information, including personal data. Doctor Web collects the personal data of Dr.Web users and visitors to its site — this means that Doctor Web is a personal data operator. We know better than anyone about the huge number of personal data leaks occurring daily, and about their consequences.

Our priorities

We don’t sell data and we don’t fish for information from users

For example, we do not involve users in surveys being conducted by other companies with the goal of transferring the obtained results to third parties.

We openly invite users to share with us only the minimum amount of required personal data. Our company’s goal is to develop protection solutions, but not at the expense of the privacy of customers who trust us.

We don’t share user data without user consent

Only our partners that sell Dr.Web licenses and render technical support can obtain personal Dr.Web user data from us. They use this data solely to support Dr.Web licences and software.

We collect only the data needed to support user licenses

ВAll the information that we collect is used solely to support customer licenses and to respond to customers’ technical support requests.

We do not collect sensitive data—about health matters, political preferences, race information, and religious beliefs. Such information is not required for Dr.Web and our website’s services to operate or for marketing purposes.

All of our principles related to collecting and processing data are explained in detail in our Privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this document, you can ask them here.

What data we collect and process

The following data of Dr.Web users and visitors to Doctor Web sites is important for our business: